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Erdinger Pikantus Weizenbock (500 mL)
Erdinger Pikantus Weizenbock (500 mL)
Price: $3.94 + $0.05 CRV = $3.99
Due to alcohol laws, we cannot ship any beers. Beers must be purchased and picked up locally in-store.

Personal tastes differ; for some people Erdinger Weissbier Pikantus 'dark bock beer' is a delicacy for the colder months. However, for many lovers of strong beer the season for Pikantus lasts a whole twelve months.

At 7.3% alcohol, this specialty wheat beer has a considerably higher alcohol content than other varieties produced by Erdinger Weissbru. The dark bock beer owes its sharp and full flavor to the use of selected dark wheat and barley malts and a significantly longer maturing process.

Lovers of strong beer need not worry that Erdinger Weissbier Pikantus 'dark bock beer' is going to be too sweet, as is the case with so many bock beers. Despite the higher alcohol content, the Erding brew masters have succeeded in retaining the special Pikantus taste.

The wheat beer for lovers of strong beer.
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