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Farmer's Small Batch Organic Gin (750mL)
Farmer's Small Batch Organic Gin (750mL)
Retail Price: $59.00
Artisan Wine Depot Price: $25.99
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Tasting Notes:
Nose: Candied lemon and oily lemon zest lead, with a backbone of sweet spice; cinnamon toast, clove studded oranges, a pinch of nutmeg and a grind of black pepper.

Palate: Sharp citrus and lemony juniper sit up front, with marshmallow and sherbet sweetness following. Darker, spicy notes build, with sweet liquorice and smoky black cardamom providing balance to the sweetness.

Finish: Woody spice, sweet lemons and lingering citrus oil.

Comment: A citrus-heavy gin with a solid core of balanced sweetness and rich spice.
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Hendrick's Small Batch Gin (Scotland)
Hendrick's Small Batch Gin (Scotland)
Retail Price: $55.00
Artisan Wine Depot Price: $26.99
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Meet our Delectable odd Botanicals:
Hendrick’s wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds from the world over. They function to complement and set the stage for our delicious duet of infusions: rose petal and cucumber.

A tale of two stills:

Hendrick’s is the marriage of two different spirits from two rare and unusual stills: the Bennet still and the Carter-Head still. By combining the two, we are able to create an extraordinarily smooth gin that has the required character and balance of subtle flavours.

The infusion of Rose and Cucumber:
No other gin taste like Hendrick's because no other gin is made like Hendrick's.
We infuse our gin with the remarkable Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and specially selected cucumbers from the finest producers.

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Anchor Distlling Junipero Gin (750ml) [San Francisco]
Anchor Distlling Junipero Gin (750ml) [San Francisco]
Retail Price: $35.00
Artisan Wine Depot Price: $28.99
You save $6.01!

About the Gin:
To create the secret proprietary recipe for Junípero, the Anchor Distilling team applied the knowledge gained from 10 years of mixing herbs, spices and botanicals for Anchor Brewing Company's annual Christmas Ale. The result is a distinctive, intriguing complexity in Junípero Gin that is light, crisp and clean, combining a deep and mysterious spiciness with subtle delicacy. 49.3% ABV

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Dry Fly Distilling Gin 750mL
Dry Fly Distilling Gin 750mL
Retail Price: $49.00
Artisan Wine Depot Price: $29.97
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CASE PRICE = $26.99 per bottle (add 6+ quantity to your basket)

With a fly fisherman's patience and eye for detail, we crafted this premium Gin using only local Wheat and ingredients sourced from within Washington State. It's an exacting process, but we think it's worth the extra effort. We hope you'll agree.

“Different enough that even gin haters will like it and just familiar enough for gin lovers to embrace it as a new beginning in gin adventures.”

ABV: 40%
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Corbin Cash Western Dry Gin (California)
Corbin Cash Western Dry Gin (California)
Retail Price: $37.00
Artisan Wine Depot Price: $31.99
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About the Gin:
Corbin Western Dry Gin is created infusing carefully selected botanicals into our sweet potato-based spirit through both steeping and distillation. The gin showcases a balance between the dry characteristics found in its traditional British counter parts, and some of the signature floral notes of modern gins.
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Sipsmith London Dry Gin 750ml (London, England)
Sipsmith London Dry Gin 750ml (London, England)
Retail Price: $60.00
Artisan Wine Depot Price: $32.99
You save $27.01!

Sipsmith’s London Dry Gin is distilled from the finest English wheat spirit with ten carefully selected botanicals, and blended with the exceptionally pure water of Lydwell spring, the source of the River Thames. The result is an interpretation of the classic London Dry style that nods to its heritage and emerges as a particularly dry gin with a wonderful burst of juniper and a zesty, citrus freshness.

ABV: 41.6%
Country: England
Type: Wheat

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Bruichladdich The Botanist Islay Dry Gin
Bruichladdich The Botanist Islay Dry Gin
Retail Price: $65.00
Artisan Wine Depot Price: $34.99
You save $30.01!
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The spirit is satin smooth gliding over the palate like no gin you have ever tried before. A totally seductive experience.




The aromas explode like an olfactory Aurora Borealis filling the senses with meteorites of smell sensations as they explode from the glass. Sweet delicate menthol, apple mint, spring woodlands, juniper, coriander with aniseed undertones, lemon and orange peel, a bouquet of summer flowers on the machir, honey from thistle, coconut from gorse, wild mint and summer meadows. It’s a magical melody of Islay’s’ natural bounty from the Atlantic washed beaches to the summit of heather covered hills. Inhale and you’re there on the "Queen of the Hebrides"!


The taste is rich and mellow; cool on entry then as it reaches the back palate you can feel the warmth and absolute purity of slow unhurried distillation. This is a bewitching, delectable and luxurious gin; its citrus freshness excites and stimulates the taste buds allowing you to experience a starburst of flavours as they explode across the palate.


All this from a beaten up old pot still, operated by beaten up distillers on the coast of heaven.


Carefree. The electric buzz of illicit anticipation.
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Ransom Dry Gin 750ml (McMinnville, Oregon)
Ransom "Old Tom" Gin 750ml (McMinnville, Oregon)
Retail Price: $40.00
Artisan Wine Depot Price: $35.99
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Notes from the Distillery:
This Old Tom Gin is a historically accurate revival of the predominant Gin in fashion during the mid 1800's and the golden age of American cocktails. The recipe was developed in collaboration with historian, author, and mixologist extraordinaire David Wondrich. Old Tom is the Gin for mixing classic cocktails dating from the days before prohibition. Its subtle maltiness is the result of using a base wort of malted barley, combined with an infusion of botanicals in high proof corn spirits. The final distillation is run through an alambic pot still in order to preserve the maximum amount of aromatics, flavor and body. Only the "heart of the hearts" (the very best portion of distillate) is retained for this special bottling.
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Nolet's Silver Dry Gin [750ml] (Netherlands) [Cigar & Spirits 98 Points]
Nolet's Silver Dry Gin [750ml] (Netherlands) [Cigar & Spirits 98 Points]
Retail Price: $58.00
Artisan Wine Depot Price: $39.97
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NOLET’S Silver Dry Gin received a 98 Point Rating out of 100 in a 2014 gin category review conducted by Cigar & Spirits Magazine!

NOLET'S Silver features fresh notes of Turkish rose, peach and raspberry. These botanicals were specially selected and are individually macerated and then distilled to give the gin its distinctive, all-natural flavor and aroma.

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Monkey 47 Gin (375mL)
Monkey 47 Gin (375mL)
Retail Price: $85.00
Artisan Wine Depot Price: $39.99
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Monkey 47 Bottling Note:
An unusual gin from the Black Forest in Germany, Monkey 47 contains a unique ingredient. No, not that! Cranberries! The 47 comes from the number of botanicals that go into this unique gin, and the fact it's bottled at a healthy 47%.
This plethora of ingredients has paid off, and in 2011 Monkey 47 won the World Spirits Award Gold in the Gin category and Gold for best in class for the Gin Worldwide at the International Wine and Spirits Competition London. Not bad!
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